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Recently I talked with Christian Busch from the Sandbox Network. We talked about what the Sandbox Network his, what kind of opportunities it provides to their members, and what tools they use to measure their own success.

Length: – 17:04m
You can download the show (in english) or subscribe the podcast feed (mainly in portuguese).

When I asked Christian what the Sandbox Network is he said that they’re goal was to connect people under 30 that are passionate about what they are doing, incubate them and there projects, and giving them access to resources and other senior people.

They are trying to get those passionate people with different skill-sets, put them in contact with one another, give them the right environment to grow and also leverage their creative capacity to solve big problems of large organization, and although they have a (more or less) traditional application process, in the end of the day they are looking for the wow effect, whether it is the type of project that an applicant is developing or his entrepreneurial attitude.

One of the focus of the Sandbox Network is to create local communities with physical spaces where all the members can get together, this is because, as Christian Busch said, “physical interaction is the key to build meaningful relations“. So they use all the web tools is to enable and complement the conversations that are happening in the “real” world.

That was in part why he came to Portugal last September, to identify the cool people on the ground and to see who would be interesting on the sandbox and eventually start a hub here as most of the (portuguese) talents that he know of go to London or New York and progress there.

Visit to learn more about the Sandbox Network.

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