StepTalks2011 – Dr. Paul Nielsen

In this interview I talk with Dr. Paul Nielsen from the Software Engineering Institute.
We talk about his presence in StepTalks2011 that took place in Lisbon, Portugal on 12-april and the presentation he delivered here.

Length: – 12:48m
You can download the show (in english) or subscribe the podcast feed (mainly in portuguese).

Dr Paul Nielsen presentation was entitled “Trends for Process Improvement: Portugal and the World”, so we talked about those trends that he identified.

“First, we see efforts to integrate the different models, to find a way to synthesize the best features of models like CMMI with other efforts like Lean Manufacturing, and Six Sigma or to combine appraisal efforts for CMMI and ISO.

Second we see process improvement models like CMMI working to incorporate software and system architecture and network security principles more tightly since these are becoming increasingly important.

Third, we see efforts to expand process improvement from software and system development to other parts of the supply chain especially the growing services economy—people are more interested in total solutions, not just a new program or product.

Fourth, we see process improvement accelerating the global integration of the software community—models like CMMI have become a language for responsible outsourcing and teaming.

Fifth, there is a growing emphasis on return on investment for process improvement efforts and a concentration on how these techniques can help address the growing complexity and interconnectedness of new solutions.

And finally, there is a realization that process is a tool to support the innovative people who work in our community and not an end until itself.”

We also talked about the portuguese software industry, how it compares to the rest of the world and what strenghts they have to fight in a global market.

Disclaimer: this interview was made possible with the support of Strongstep – Innovation in Software Quality. Strongstep is a consultancy firm within process improvement, namely in the CMMI/TSP fields and organized Steptalks2011

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