IPBrick – Raul Oliveira

In this program I talk with Raul Oliveira, CEO of IPBrick International.
We talk about what IPBrick is, the role it plays in the unified messaging world and how it can be used both in small businesses as well as large corporations.

Length: – 26:38m
You can download the show (in english) or subscribe the podcast feed (mainly in portuguese).

IPBrick is a portuguese company, operating from Porto, present in 20 countries and with resellers in 40 other countries, that developed a platform for building systems: intranet systems, security, unified communication system.

It’s main product, IPbrick, is an appliance for unified communications that can handle not only email but also voice communications as well as some new social networking platforms like twitter or facebook.

It can work as a software only solution that is integrated in the customers available hardware or as a full hardware appliance that is connected to the existing network infrastructure.
According to Raul Oliveira, integrating nicely with other systems be it Microsoft, LInux or Apple, both server-side and client-side, has always been a main concern for IPBrick that recently added support for some new devices like IPhone or Android smartphones.

IPBrick also encourages the development of third-party applications that make use of the IPBrick infrastructure. This can be achieve using their API and made possible one of the examples that Raul Oliveira mentioned of a partner that is developing IPBrick on Amazon Cloud and providing IPBrick as a service.

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This series is sponsored by Portic  – Think Tank for Portuguese Internationalization

Portic was created in March 2010 as a non-profit organization. It is a “think tank” for the internationalization of technology-based Portuguese companies. It comprises a team of experts, leaders, entrepreneurs, national governments and international representatives (Swedes, Finns, Americans, French and Canadian).

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