Bruno Monguzzi – A Designer’s Instrospection

Bruno Monguzzi presentation on the AGI Open Porto 2010 that took place at Casa da Musica Oct 11, 2010.
The AGI Open Porto 2010 was curated by Lizá Ramalho an Artur Rebelo (R2)

Download the show (in english) or subscribe to the podcast (mainly in portuguese)
length: 25:18

My mother, my father, my brother.
Jesus and Karl Marx.
London and Milan.
Antonio Boggeri, the spider’s web and the entangled gly;
Heinz Butler and Frau Azderbal;
the Referent, the Signifier, the Signified;
the Musée d’Orsay opening;
Masaccio; Mayakovsky, Mejerchol’d, Stanislavsky: 6 stories, 24 projects.

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