Michael Bierut – Let’s try something different

Michael Bierut presentation on the AGI Open Porto 2010 that took place at Casa da Musica Oct 11, 2010.
The AGI Open Porto 2010 was curated by Lizá Ramalho an Artur Rebelo (R2)

Download the show (in english) or subscribe to the podcast (mainly in portuguese)
length: 21:53

The first idea is always the best idea, except when it’s not.
Or, if you have a great idea but you somehow can’t quite get it to work, maybe it’s a bad idea.
Or, instead of pounding and pounding on a locked door, maybe the best approach is to sneak around the back and crawl in the window.
Or, the confessions of an always frustrated and occasionally satisfied designer.

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Code by: Penousal Machado (FCTUC)

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