Evandro Mariscal – Chico & Rita

Evandro Mariscal presentation on the AGI Open Porto 2010 that took place at Casa da Musica Oct 11, 2010.
The AGI Open Porto 2010 was curated by Lizá Ramalho an Artur Rebelo (R2)

Download the show (in english) or subscribe to the podcast (mainly in portuguese)
Length: 30:13

This conference is a “the making of” about the feature cartoon film Chico & Rita, co-directed with Fernando Trueba. With the help of a video, Mariscal narrates the complex technical and creative processes that were developed to make Chico & Rta possible.
It show the suggestive urban landscape of Havana and of New York of the 1940s which inspired Mariscal’s work and how the reality was transformed into drawing through the personal vision and lines of the artist.
This “conference” is, above all, Mariscal’s attempt to explain himself and reflect on his work, with the complicity and inquisitiveness of the public present.

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