Pierre Bernard – Questons, responses and communication, “Happinness is under the table”.

Pierre Bernard presentation on the AGI Open Porto 2010 that took place at Casa da Musica Oct 11, 2010.
The AGI Open Porto 2010 was curated by Lizá Ramalho an Artur Rebelo (R2)

Download the show (in english) or subscribe to the podcast (mainly in portuguese)
length: 22:35

I concieve the act of graphic creation as the pleasure of giving form to content that’s not mine but to which I bring my personal engagement in relation to the audience that I always consider as equal.
This attitude, whether it seems necessary or not to my client, allows me to envisage open propositions to the problem posed. This is to say, to propose visual responses that are, for the most part, new questions to share with the client and his audience.
I will present some poster, editorial, signage and graphic identity created with this attitude in mind.

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