Marian Bantjes – A Living Proces

Marian Bantjes presentation on the AGI Open Porto 2010 that took place at Casa da Musica Oct 11, 2010.
The AGI Open Porto 2010 was curated by Lizá Ramalho an Artur Rebelo (R2)

Download the show (in english) or subscribe to the podcast (mainly in portuguese)
length: 22.05

I have never shared other’s fascination with Process. Only when it comes to matters of technology do I ever really wonder how someone created the works the did. I don’t wonder how other designers’ brains work or want to pry into their sketchbooks. I’m much more interested in the end result. But people ask me. They ask me over and over, how do I do what i do? So here, for the first time; here at AGI Open I will give you, the audience, a view into hoe I work. You may be surprised. You may be amused. You may fall asleep. But I’ve been asked, and this time, I will answer.

©R2 –
Code by: Penousal Machado (FCTUC)


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